Paint Sundries

Nylon Strainers

Nylon StrainersMade of durable nylon mesh fabric.  Available in both plain top and elastic top in 5 gallon, 2 gallon and 1 gallon capacity.

Cone Strainers

Cone Strainers6" cone paint strainers available in medium mesh.  Removes impurities from paints and stains.

Cheese Cloth

Cheese Cloth100% cotton, soft and lint free. Absorbent and reusable. Available in 4 sq yard, 2 sq yard, and 60 Sq yd bolt both in natural and bleached. Excellent for staining, polishing and faux.

Spray Sock

Spray SockMade from 100% cotton knit breathable fabric. The sock is comfortable and protects face and head from paint over spray. One size fits all.

Shoe Covers

Spray HoodDurable polypropylene shoe cover prevents tracking paint and grease.

Tack Cloth

Tack ClothWax and silicon free, anti-static tack cloth.  Removes surface contaminants.  Ideal for removing lint, dust and foreign particles on different surfaces.

Staining Pad

Staining PadSoft terry covered sponge for applying stains to various surfaces, including woodwork, cabinets and furniture.

Spray Hood

Spray Hood100% cotton woven fabric hood. Excellent for head protection while painting and cleaning.

Disposable Coveralls

Disposable CoverallsMade of lightweight white, polypropylene, breathable fabric. Offers protection from paint, dust and dirt. Front zipper, wrist and ankle elastic